Your education specialists.


"It's not about the technology, it's about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism..."

- Marion Ginapolis


For a decade we've been delivering the best in web design and content management for school divisions. Our revolutionary product - Breeze for Teachers - is fast, easy to use, and backed by a qualified team of developers and designers.

Every aspect of what we do has been built with, and for educators. Our technology, and most importantly our team, exist to equip school divisions for quick and convenient connections with staff, students, and parents.


The features you need.

(and the ones you never knew you always needed)

Using our very own CMS, we've put all the tools you need to maintain an amazing web presence under one roof. From news posts and document uploads, to parent teacher interviews and bus route management - we've got you covered!

Every one of our time saving and day making features was created and perfected through collaboration with educators. The result is a refreshingly user friendly experience that puts everything a few quick clicks, swipes and seconds away.

Want to see Breeze for Teachers in action?



Dressed for success.

What's on the inside is important, but so is looking good. Our design team makes sure your sites are dressed to the nines and ready to turn some heads.

We combine our expertise with your unique communication needs to deliver custom built, beautiful websites that fit like a glove for the whole division.

Your division will also be good on the go! Our design team specializes in responsive design, ensuring that your sites look and work great on any device - no awkward pinch zooming, side scrolling or eye straining required.


Our team is your team - always.

Unlike most design companies with short-term and short-sighted obligations, we operate like a department within your division.

We've removed the extra cost and sticky maintenance contracts that traditionally come with support and development. Instead, we embrace a relationship based support model. Our team is your team - always.

Anytime you need support, want some design work done or have an idea for development, we are just a phone call away. Cost and red-tape won't limit what your team and ours can do together.

Remember that nerdy kid everyone got to do their homework at a moments notice? Well, that's us.


Affordable and cost effective.

We use straightforward and all-inclusive pricing.   

A one time annual fee covers you for all design, development, hosting, full use of our software, support and maintenance. It also includes any time spent on collaborative development and professional consultation from our team. 

It's that simple.